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Carpooling to the football

05/06/2012 11:09 AM

It will come as no surprise to you that there is much excitement in our office about the upcoming international sporting event! Each person, supporting their team with passion! A bit of healthy competition never did anyone any harm after all!

As we are all sports fans, and carpooling provides a great way to get to or between venues, to mark the exciting occasion we have created a special football section of the website for those football fanatics among you.

Perhaps you are flying to one of the host cities and hiring a car? Being a supporter can prove an expensive past time. By listing your journey from the airport to the venue you could take a few fellow fans and receive a contribution to petrol money.

Are you a fan already flying in to support England but not intending on hiring a car there? Perhaps you’d like to see a bit more of Poland or the Ukraine, you could consider using carpooling to get to some of the other cities to get a little more out of your trip.
Carpooling is a really popular method of getting around in Poland and The Ukraine, check out our dedicated football section to see which routes are available or to enter your lift.

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