The New Booking System

Travelling together based on mutual trust can be great, but it can also have its problems. No-one wants to end up waiting around for ages in windy car parks, or argue over payment, and no-one wants to expect to have a car full or passengers to find no-one turns up. The solution: Our new booking system!

Advantages of the New Booking System


For journeys that are arranged through our booking system, ratings can be given to the other participants. People who are reliable and punctual will receive good ratings, and improve their chances of finding a lift or passenger the next time. Participants must register and verify their mobile phone number before using the system, which discourages misuse.


As soon as both parties confirm the booking, the journey is booked. We produce a ticket, which can be viewed at any time, and contains all the journey details, which further increases commitment. Anyone who cancels without giving appropriate notice, will receive bad ratings.


The booking system is only available to registered users who have verified their mobile phone numbers and email addresses, this makes the booking system a safer way to carpool. The Online payment option provides even more security to both parties through Paypal transfer : no late payment, no arguing over the amount.

  • Ratings
  • Reliability
  • Safety

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